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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  July 31, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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were having difficulties with this on to europe. the report could result in a takeover of the department as well. the 89 page report did not paint a pretty picture of oakland's police department. it is one classtep closer to a federal takeover. the department was ordered to make changes in 2000 after four officers who called themselves the writers were accused of
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beating and framing suspects. the photos allegedly were doctored and found racist. officials said the defaced those were of the major. the pacinthe city commission res also questioning oakland pd in how it handled the first occupy protest last year. or so also address similar concerns in the era of department's ability to change.
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432, the man charged with killing sierra lamar returns to court in san jose this morning. santa clara prosecutors do not expected to enter a plea today. her body but have not been found. evidence links current taurus although crude. quesnay died wall running away from officers after being stopped for not paying the victims were shot on bird
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ave. both died at the hospital prayed so far there have been no arrest. on sunday and another man was shot and killed. police believe all the murders may have been giving it related he was killed by in that itt. and 25 year-old specialist from turlock was killed as well. this is the 11th state date in that fighting in syria. the syrian government is defending its actions and calling the rebel groups mercenaries.
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republican presidential hopeful is wrapping up an overseas trip after speaking in poland. he says he is inspired by poland opposition of a government dominated economy. a palestinian spokesman called these and comment made by romney grace's spurred 9 some temperatures already in
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the '60s outside. as we had throughout the day, i going to seize some hot temperatures again inland. not as hot as yesterday, but close enough. high pressure is sitting over head and that means some pretty nice weather inland. the high pressure is holden on here, and it may be coming down just a little but not that much. now to roadways we have a traffic alert any effect. overnight there was a big rig, a bit trailer park landed on its side prayer right now only one lane is open to traffic. only lane is open.
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expect this to cause a backup heading out of tracy. and we need to have some paving work between some sir francis drake and spencer avenue. to medical marijuana dispensaries are closing to there. the vapor room has been a fixture in the borges' since 2004. both are closing under pressure of the federal justice department. and the space school is facing a federal lawsuit who once% to get a better grade. the boy did not have a grid below eight be.
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the suit claims the teacher did to ruin the board's future this isn't about a grade, it's about doing something that's wrong. the school officially changed it to the bee, but they family is now suing for it plus a monetary damages. i have young kids and my bills keep going up is the trickle down cause of the governor's water tunnel fplan.
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starting tomorrow bart will
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experiment with allowing bikes on the train on all days during august bikes will be allowed on board all day friday pe. governor brown has proposed the underground twin tunnel system. it will carry water from the sacramento delta and to farm lands to the south. in terms of the state water project, southern california starts at the delta a. we cannot contain quality of life unless we are participating
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in this. tonight berkeley council members will consider a plan to urge the postal service not to close the city's main post office. the post office has been operating for 97 years. but the post office plans to sell the building enclosing it. reports. said apple will introduce the new app boat, five the september print i. phones will reportedly go on sale on september 21st. how fans are standing behind
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13 today and what was lurking behind the chocolate coating the bear area tradition ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're starting out with mostly clear skies in the bay area and valley. we will talk more about that coming up. the problems on 205 heading out retrieve see, we will tell you about alternates a man tried to smuggle men disguised as candy bars.
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he was trying to board a flight to japan. the funny bars contained about 1,900 g or more of meth. we got word last week that a german company was buying peace. peat's stock is up to 550. ashley of cbs joins us live from new york stocks in asia were up in asia. tokyo was up and let 1% in.
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the nasdaq slipped 12 points. business is booming for chrysler, the car maker reported a foreign trip $36 million profit in the second quarter this year. it was the best quarter reports and seek company emerged from bankruptcy. samsung claims the designs are industry standards that have been around for years. meanwhile apple is reporting brisk sales of its operating system. users downloaded 3 million copies of mountain lion the first four days it was available.
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the prices at the store are skyrocketing this summer they are irked running up to a record high because of a drought. it is pushing prices higher for beef, chicken and vegetable. wine prices will be falling. con diet is recalling a quarter of a million vehicles in
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the united states because of iraq problems in the sonata. the side airbags can deploy for no reason. there also recalling santa fe suvs made between 2011 and 2009. the horses were released to escape all the danger. oklahoma and much of the midwest have plunged into a severe drought. various states have declared a state of emergency. two men from the pest control company taurine at the
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side of the house and found a high of 10 ft. high of. a woman saved her family from a fallen truck parade adapted thursday in eastern china. the one pressure has been away, a crowd of fans turned up for a pep rally. it is the eat a lane of santa clara introduce a bill that would allocate the
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redevelopment funds for the project. the money has been limbos cents the governor the pactel concer it is really important to everyone to have that thing to go to, thing to look for to this year's game will be in berkeley and will be played october 20th. another pro football player has committed suicide. tampa police says that the wide receiver shot himself outside of
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his own high school. many people have over-the- counter business than stepped in their cabinets. open up your medicine cabinets, here's a quiz. if you have a headache or a sore muscle, which won is the best? aspirin works fastest, ibuprofen is the strongest. always read the label and follow directions before taking any
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medication. over time, over the counter medication could lose their effectiveness and cosmetics. we're seeing some patchy fog out toward the immediate close line. by the afternoon we're going to see some hot temperatures again showing up in the belly. nineties inland and '60s out toward the coast line.
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most of the monsoon moisture is going to stay south of us. do it chances of thunderstorms in the denver area. 64 degrees in pacifica. 91 end fairfield. 69 degrees and very comfortable in san francisco. next couple of the days we will keep temperatures on the hot side inland. let's check with traffic with elizabeth once again we still have this traffic alert any effect parade it affects people heading
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out to tracy. the trailer is on its side and only one lane is getting by. in the eat meantime use alternates out of tracy. basically were already seeing delays across the stretch parade 7:00 is the estimated time when they are going to reopen lanes. if your heading toward the golden gate bridge, this is how looks like a cross the span. no delays.
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look at the nimitz, 880 through oakland. traffic moving find toward i streets and your downtown oakland exits. 4 days after. the winning ticket was purchased in fremont, we are still waiting to hear the one the mega million jackpot. it was sold at this convenience store. a visually impaired boy has won a national stacking contest. know what is now recognized as the fastest 8 year-old.
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he is blind in one eye and has glaucoma and the other it was something that he wanted to do and something i thought would build his self- esteem considering he cannot play basketball or football know what is amazing. in new fallout for facebook's ipo. the huge lawsuit against the social media website the controversial photo now in the spotlight facing pressures from the federal government, to more,,,,,
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the two closures reigniting beat weed boris a's gave the report unveils a shocking discovery inside police headquarters a miles start to d-day, it is going to get caught up in parts of the bay area again. more details coming up. we are still having problems if your heading out of tracy toward the altamont pass. it is 5:00 now and cruise right now are on the scene of a well known berkeley restaurant. pat is on san pablo avenue with the latest san pablo has just opened up.
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